A beautiful wintery photoshoot down on Photography Farm

Oooh I do love a workshop – there is always something new to learn, something new to inspire you and always a lot of fun to be had. And January is the perfect time to have such an adventure – so I was absolutely delighted to spend some time back at Photography Farm last week to attend a workshop by wedding photographer superstar Shell de Mar. The Farm is an amazing little fairytale house set in beautiful grounds – and this time round everything was covered in snow. Aaaaw super romantic! Shell’s workshop was superb, we had a beautiful couple Pen & Cam, model for us (who are also brilliant photographers themselves) and as is the law of Photography Farm we spent a lot of it laughing, learning and ummm more laughing. Thank you Shell, Pen&Cam and Lisa for having us there!

If you are a photographer, I cannot recommend Photography Farm enough. I stayed there for 3 days back in September 2011 (see here!) – it is the most magical, inspiring place and has such a brilliant approach where you just immerse yourself in creativity and meet some incredible people who I can happily call friends for life! It’s fab so please do go and check it out!



Eeeeeee the photos are beautiful Sara! I’ve got the proper “proud mum” feeling right now!! Really glad you enjoyed it – hope to see you soon! xxx


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