It’s like rain on your wedding day – Nadine & James’ soggy e-shoot

One question I do get asked a lot when I meet new brides & grooms is… what happens if it rains on our wedding day? Well, I’ll let you into a little secret – I actually love the rain, it can add a real romance to the feel of the photos, and there’s nothing cuter than a bride in wellies cuddling her new hubby under an umbrella (see here is you don’t believe me!) But on every wedding day, we play it a bit by ear, and my priority is that my couple are comfortable, happy and feeling good – so although we usually pop out for some rainy shots, sometimes we don’t. But this is not always the case on pre-wedding shoots. Especially when the lovely couple have booked the day off work and come all the way from London for the day. Which is exactly what happened with the lovely Nadine and James – who chose the wettest day of the millienium to come to Brighton for their pre-wedding shoot! I have to say I really really do love this couple – not only did Nadine come dressed in all my favourite colours (love that yellow coat!), but they also totally trusted me to get them out in the pouring rain all morning (and seriously I have never got so soaked).

Despite the terrible weather, this engagement shoot has actually been one of my favourites ever – watching this initially nervous couple getting gradually more and more soggy, as they laughed watching each other get dripped on by huge splats of rain, and the just simple romance of them standing on the beach kissing in the rain. Seriously, it was like something out of the best romcom movie ever. So, for every bride and groom worried about how rain will affect your wedding day, look at this gorgeous couple and take heart. And I promise I won’t let you get this soaked on your wedding day (me on the other hand, I am very weatherproof!!). xxx

  • brighton-wedding-photographer001
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  • brighton-wedding-photographer021
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  • brighton-wedding-photographer030
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