Happy Fathers Day… a Dads at Weddings special post!

Happy Father’s Day everyone! Today’s blog post is a celebration of those very special people – Dads at weddings! They’re the ones who’ll cry the first time they see you in your dress, that will calm you down on the drive to the church, who’ll help you out the car and will hold your bouquet whenever you ask them to (which I think quite suits a Dad). They’ll walk you down the aisle and couldn’t look prouder as they look at their little girl all grown up. They’ll make everyone laugh in the group shots, and will embarrass you with all manner of childhood toys in their speech. They’ll get a bit sozzled with your mates, and end up doing their best Dad dancing on the dancefloor.

All day they look as if they’re bursting with pride, and they honestly couldn’t love you more… and these special moments are the reasons us wedding photographers do our job. Dads at weddings – we salute you! xxx


Bernard Faupel

Hi Sara, what a lovely thing to do for all us dads. Your comments capture the moment in the same wonderful way your photographs do. Happy Father’s Day to all the other proud dads.
Kind regards

Emma Lunnon

How lovely Sara, and how true! Thank you for featuring a picture of me and my dad in your tribute to dads, it made me very happy! x

Sara Reeve

Thank you so much you gorgeous girl! Had to have that one of you in there – you both look so happy and excited! xxx

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