Pangdean Old Barn {Ellie & Phillip}

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So, I have a confession to make – I’m very very big fans of these lovely people.   Ellie & Phillip are just about the coolest cats in town, and from the minute I met them I just fell in love with them.   Not least because they are both so blimming gorgeous but also because they are just really lovely people and they know how to have a proper giggle.  Even before the wedding we’d bonded over a love of cake and leopard print (well, perhaps that was more me and Ellie teehee!).  So I knew from the start that their big day was going to be a bit special.

Ellie & Phillip chose Pangdean Old Barn as the venue for their great big wedding knees up, and my word what a day it was.    A cold November day just made everything even more special with Pangdean’s sparkley fairy lights and cosy barn really coming into their own. It’s been said before (mainly by me) but Pangdean really is just the most stunning place for a wedding – everything about it is just so personal and there are so many options for photos.  I just love it there!

A quick big up to all E&P’s amazing guests who made my day, the awesome music that soundtracked every minute, the beautiful dressing gowns (and Ellie even gifted one to me as a thank you which MADE MY DAY!!!), the sparklers, the hilarious speeches, and the disco to end all discos – Disco Shed!!! A quick hurray must also go to my favourite videographer Simon from Egg Cosy who was my partner in crime on the day!

Huge huge congrats and biggest hugs to you, Mr & Mrs lovely Delderfield, and I’m looking forward to seeing you for more cake and nattering sooooon! xxxxxx

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