Mums at Weddings {Happy Mother’s Day!}

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So today’s post is for the unsung hero at weddings – your Mum.  Those special women who DIY, craft, make cakes, sew dresses, arrange flowers, squeeze you into your dress, go to countless wedding fairs, collect jamjars, get up early, fluff pompoms, and then stand back to watch their girl or boy enjoy the biggest days of their life.   These lovely Mums know when it’s time for their daughters to shine, and they look on with such pride.  They are loveable and drive you mad in equal measure, and are there all day for you – for their hugs, for sorting out Dad’s tie and making him look presentable, for arranging your veil when you’re standing in a wind tunnel, for leaving something in the church when everything’s shut, for needing the loo right before the family photos, for winning the wedding speech sweepstake (this happens so often – why?  Because Mums KNOW EVERYTHING!), for necking a jagerbomb, and for being the first on the dance floor.  For the Mums not able to be there on their children’s big day, their presence is always felt – in your family, in their hugs, in words spoken during speeches, even in a burst of sunlight when you least expect it.   And for my brides who are Mums themselves, they are doubly awesome – juggling being a Mum and planning a wedding is no mean feat.  Today is the day to salute you all – Happy Mother’s Day you awesome women!

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