Laughton Barns Wedding – sunshine for Neshe & Jon

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Ooooh I have chosen SOOO many images for this blog post – and when you see just how much utter scrumminess is contained in this wonderful wedding, you’ll see why I couldn’t whittle it down!! The extremely beautiful Neshe married her lovely Jon at their Laughton Barns wedding day last September and the weather was absolutely perfect – not a cloud in the sky, which suited Laughton Barns (and the outdoor ceremony) perfectly! Neshe and Jon are quite simply the most brilliant couple, they are so well suited to each other – and right from our first meeting where they arrived with the hugest bag of sweets for my kiddliwinks (which won them the title of best bride & groom ever in my house!!!), well – I knew these two were really rather fabulous. One of my favourite things about this wedding is just how important Neshe & Jon’s family and friends are to them. Neshe has a BIG family (she has 31 cousins alone!) who were all absolute stars, and I loved the Turkish traditions they bought in to their day – including the throwing of money during the first dance (just monopoly money as they are huge monopoly fans – amazing). They are also huge fans of Jagerbombs, which made a very welcome addition to the speeches and celebrations (especially during the Best Men’s speech which was one of the rudest I’ve ever heard, and I do hear a lot teehee). A huge big up goes to my very favourites Circa events (who run Laughton Barns Weddings) and are blimming AMAZING! This beautiful couple are so fab – they’re super chilled out, super funny, really kind and thoughtful people who are so loved by their friends and family. And they all really REALLY know how to party. Hugest congrats Neshe & Jon, you are quite simply the best!!! xxx

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