Hotel du Vin Brighton Wedding: Timeless romance for Laurie & Tom

I love photographing weddings in a mix of colour and black&white, and I really do on the whole choose to bring a fresh and light colourful feel to my work – but there’s something timeless and so beautiful about this couple, that I found a lot of their photographs perfectly suited black & white. The stunning Laurie married her lovely Tom at St Matthias Church in Brighton, followed by a reception at Hotel du Vin Brighton – and I was so looking forward to this, not just because this couple are so scrummy, but also because I married my hubby at St Matthias church 10 years ago (and we had our vow renewal this year at Hotel du Vin!) so both venues are very close to my heart! Both Tom and Laurie are quite shy, and really wanted the day to run smoothly and as natural as possible– so I really focused on documenting everything as it happened, which really is my favourite way of working. You never know when you’re going to capture that look, or that laughter (or those moments when Laurie’s veil kept trying to steal the show!). I loved every minute of it and I feel a bit like this wedding looks like stills from a beautiful old fashioned romantic film – Laurie is just so utterly gorgeous (something of the Audrey Hepburn about her I think!) and her groom so handsome (and yes, I asked if people mistook him for Daniel Radcliffe!). They are my Hollywood superstars, and just the sweetest people you could hope to meet. Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world! x

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