The Best of 2013 Part 1 – My lovely couples

So we are nearing the end of 2013 and that can only mean one thing… it’s time for my end-of-year wedding round up!! I have absolutely loved sharing moments from these gorgeous couples’ wedding days – all 36 of them! Yes – 36 beautiful, emotional, happy, creative and inspirational wedding days, with 36 totally unique, kind, thoughtful and completely loved-up brides & grooms. Just looking through these photographs brings back so many emotions as I remember every step these gorgeous people took through their wedding day.

2013 has been the year that I’ve chased more veils than I can count down the road due to windy conditions; I’ve covered brides in pompoms; I’ve made an entire bridal party run out into the driving rain, just to get that special photo (it was worth it); I’ve cried through ceremonies and speeches (still managing to keep my camera steady!); I’ve watched brides declare thumb war on their new husband; I’ve asked a group of men in kilts to jump up as high as they could (in hindsight, that wasn’t such a great idea – my eyes!!); I’ve met a bloke off the Xfactor at a wedding (squeee!!) and have laughed so so much at the antics of grooms, best men and tipsy guests. I’ve shot weddings on the hottest and the windiest days of the year (not the same days), and have become quite the expert at forecasting weather.

My couples are so fab that they’ve gone on trampolines, down dark alleyways, and into muddy fields, telephone boxes, super windy beaches and sweet shops – just ‘cos I thought it might look good. It has – quite simply – been an incredible year, and thank you so SO much to these beautiful people for putting their trust in me and letting me capture the happiest days of their life. I am absolutely honoured to call you my clients and my new friends! And everyone else, enjoy looking at their lovely happy newly-married faces. Thank you 2013, you’ve been awesome xxxx

  • brighton-wedding-photographer001
  • brighton-wedding-photographer002
  • brighton-wedding-photographer003
  • brighton-wedding-photographer004
  • brighton-wedding-photographer005
  • brighton-wedding-photographer006
  • brighton-wedding-photographer007
  • brighton-wedding-photographer008
  • brighton-wedding-photographer009
  • brighton-wedding-photographer010
  • brighton-wedding-photographer011
  • brighton-wedding-photographer012
  • brighton-wedding-photographer013
  • brighton-wedding-photographer014
  • brighton-wedding-photographer015
  • brighton-wedding-photographer016
  • brighton-wedding-photographer017
  • brighton-wedding-photographer018
  • brighton-wedding-photographer019
  • brighton-wedding-photographer020
  • brighton-wedding-photographer021
  • brighton-wedding-photographer022
  • brighton-wedding-photographer023
  • brighton-wedding-photographer024
  • brighton-wedding-photographer025
  • brighton-wedding-photographer026
  • brighton-wedding-photographer027
  • brighton-wedding-photographer028
  • brighton-wedding-photographer029
  • brighton-wedding-photographer030
  • brighton-wedding-photographer031
  • brighton-wedding-photographer032
  • brighton-wedding-photographer033
  • brighton-wedding-photographer034
  • brighton-wedding-photographer035

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