Selden Barn Wedding – a beautiful day for Kelly & Joe

Selden Barn wedding photographer

Awwww Kelly and Joe!!!  These two lovely people make me so happy when I look through their photographs – their gorgeous smiles and happy faces are just so heartwarming, and they are so lovely to be around.  This gorgeous couple got married at the end of last year at St Andrews Chuch and Selden Barn – it was my last wedding of 2014 and blimey did it go out with a bang!  When I say bang, I’m not just referring to me parking at St Andrew’s Church a wee bit faster than I planned to (and bursting my car tyre eh hem – hello waiting guests, it’s me, just your trusty unobtrusive wedding photographer! So embarrassing!)  But Kelly & Joe had also organised a surprise firework display at the end of the evening which was just completely magical!   I love this couple, and I love their crazy funny family and friends who made me feel so welcome (and didn’t laugh too much at my terrible driving).  Big ups are due to the amazing Mother of the Bride who, along with Kelly, worked like a wedding ninja to completely transform Selden Barn – what a stunning venue!  Loved the cake, loved the chilli sauce favours, loved the drunk best man careering round the couple with sparklers… just so much to enjoy at this beautiful day.  I also must thank Simon the amazing videographer from Egg Cosy who was my night in shining armour and gave me a lift after the tyre incident!!!!  I owe you one my friend!! What a funny, crazy, special, romantic, and just downright GORGEOUS wedding this was – huge hugs to you Kelly & Joe!  xxxx

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