Hotel du Vin Brighton wedding – an amazing Maldivian English marriage!

When most people go to the Maldives, they expect to come back with a good suntan, a relaxed mindset and maybe some sand in their shoes. But then the gorgeous Sophie is not by any stretch of the imagination like most people – this amazing quirky supercute girl came back from her stay in the Maldives with a future husband! Sophie met Divey when she was working over in the Maldives and it was love at first sight. Love that kept this couple together through a long-distance relationship that crosses two continents, overcoming being seperated from each other and thousands of miles – an amazing love story if I’ve ever heard one. They chose the stunning Hotel du Vin in Brighton as the venue to celebrate their marriage.

I know we shouldn’t have favourites but I have to admit I am a little bit in love with Sophie & Divey and all their family and friends. Sophie & Divey are one of the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful, silly, funny, cute couples I’ve had the honour of meeting. Divey spent all of his wedding day with the BIGGEST smile on his face, and Sophie just alternated between smiling and crying (usually at the same time!). They are a perfect perfect couple and have now set up home together in the Maldives. I so miss Sophie who I loved getting to know planning her wedding, so I think that a visit to the Maldives one day is definatly in order! Biggest biggest hugs you beautiful pair! xxxxxxx

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