A gorgeous Buxted Park wedding day for the very gorgeous Zoe & Scott

Awww I’m so happy to share this lovely Buxted Park wedding with you today! I first met the beautiful Zoe & Scott over two years ago when – after a good two hour meeting (which felt like I’d known them forever and made hardly any notes as we too busy nattering about things like cat yoga) – they booked me for their gorgeous wedding at one of my fave venues – Buxted Park! It felt like ages away, but time really does go so quickly in wedding-world, that before we knew it their big day had arrived! These two just blew me away with their wedding – they look like models (but really nice ones who you want to be BFFs with), and their wedding was just so elegant and relaxed and stylish. The amazing florists Pollen covered every spare bit of Buxted with the freshest spring flowers (mmmm yummy peonies, my favourite) and the gardens gave us some amazing spring flowers. And their lovely friends and family kept the day alight with so much laughing and smiling and big hugs. One of my favourite weddings of the year – it was brilliant in every way and I‘m quite missing these lovely people. Thank you so much Mr & Mrs C, it was an honour to be your photographer x

  • brighton-wedding-photographer001
  • brighton-wedding-photographer002
  • brighton-wedding-photographer003
  • brighton-wedding-photographer004
  • brighton-wedding-photographer005
  • brighton-wedding-photographer006
  • brighton-wedding-photographer007
  • brighton-wedding-photographer008
  • brighton-wedding-photographer009
  • brighton-wedding-photographer010
  • brighton-wedding-photographer011
  • brighton-wedding-photographer012
  • brighton-wedding-photographer013
  • brighton-wedding-photographer014
  • brighton-wedding-photographer015
  • brighton-wedding-photographer016
  • brighton-wedding-photographer017
  • brighton-wedding-photographer018
  • brighton-wedding-photographer019
  • brighton-wedding-photographer020
  • brighton-wedding-photographer021
  • brighton-wedding-photographer022
  • brighton-wedding-photographer023
  • brighton-wedding-photographer024
  • brighton-wedding-photographer025
  • brighton-wedding-photographer026
  • brighton-wedding-photographer027
  • brighton-wedding-photographer028
  • brighton-wedding-photographer029
  • brighton-wedding-photographer030
  • brighton-wedding-photographer031
  • brighton-wedding-photographer032
  • brighton-wedding-photographer033
  • brighton-wedding-photographer034
  • brighton-wedding-photographer035
  • brighton-wedding-photographer036
  • brighton-wedding-photographer037
  • brighton-wedding-photographer038
  • brighton-wedding-photographer039
  • brighton-wedding-photographer040
  • brighton-wedding-photographer041
  • brighton-wedding-photographer042
  • brighton-wedding-photographer043
  • brighton-wedding-photographer044
  • brighton-wedding-photographer045
  • brighton-wedding-photographer046
  • brighton-wedding-photographer047
  • brighton-wedding-photographer048
  • brighton-wedding-photographer049
  • brighton-wedding-photographer050
  • brighton-wedding-photographer051
  • brighton-wedding-photographer052
  • brighton-wedding-photographer053
  • brighton-wedding-photographer054
  • brighton-wedding-photographer055
  • brighton-wedding-photographer056
  • brighton-wedding-photographer057
  • brighton-wedding-photographer058
  • brighton-wedding-photographer059
  • brighton-wedding-photographer060
  • brighton-wedding-photographer061
  • brighton-wedding-photographer062
  • brighton-wedding-photographer063
  • brighton-wedding-photographer064
  • brighton-wedding-photographer065
  • brighton-wedding-photographer066
  • brighton-wedding-photographer067
  • brighton-wedding-photographer068
  • brighton-wedding-photographer069
  • brighton-wedding-photographer070
  • brighton-wedding-photographer071
  • brighton-wedding-photographer072
  • brighton-wedding-photographer073
  • brighton-wedding-photographer074
  • brighton-wedding-photographer075
  • brighton-wedding-photographer076
  • brighton-wedding-photographer077
  • brighton-wedding-photographer078
  • brighton-wedding-photographer079
  • brighton-wedding-photographer080
  • brighton-wedding-photographer081
  • brighton-wedding-photographer082
  • brighton-wedding-photographer083
  • brighton-wedding-photographer084
  • brighton-wedding-photographer085
  • brighton-wedding-photographer086
  • brighton-wedding-photographer087

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Jo Godfrey - Mother of the Bride

So many wonderful memories for all of us!
Our thanks go to you Sara for these amazing photos, they make us so happy when we look at them.
So glad that Zoe and Scott chose you to record their amazing day.
Thanks again
Jo and Graham

Sara Reeve

Aww thank you so much Jo & Graham, it was so lovely to meet you both and thank you for your hospitality! What a lovely lot you are!! xxxx

Gail & Ian parents of the groom & best man

Thank you Sara for capturing so many magical moments of an unforgettable day. We agree with Jo, it makes us so happy when we look at them or show someone.

Great choice of photographer and fantastic job Sara

Many thanks
Gail & Ian XX


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