Brighton College Wedding – a quirky wedding for Apryl & Dan

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Have you ever had a little worry about “What if…” on your wedding day. What if it rains, What if we can’t go outside, What if the entire bridal party gets stuck in traffic because of Pride so that the ceremony is 3 hours late? Well, exactly that last one happened to the lovely Apryl & Dan at their Brighton College wedding this summer where things did not at all run according to plan! All I can say is it’s a long story which involves these key things – Brighton Pride, Mum’s satnav, an actual bombscare, lots of traffic, lots of waiting and the world’s calmest Bride and Groom. The poor loves – stress levels were so high, and yet I never once saw Apryl or Dan lose their cool or do anything but smile their way through it. And that, along with many other reasons – is why I love these two so much. Their glass is half full, they are calm and unflappable, they see the good in everything and as long as they have each other they will always be smiling. And that makes me smile A LOT! Apryl and Dan are such cool cats – they love anything vintagey and quirky, and their big day was jampacked with awesomeness – such cute bridesmaids outfits (those ankle socks!), Bride & Groom prefects badges, and a VW campervan courtesy of amazing Gecko Campers. A massive big-up must also go to the funniest bridal transport ever – a proper Del Boy’s Only Fools & Horses Robin Reliant. Squashed in the back between a rubber doll and the father of the bride has to be one the funniest journeys I’ve ever had to a ceremony!

So have a good look through this wedding day – and don’t waste time worrying about What Ifs on your wedding day. Be like this awesome couple – keep smiling, roll with it and it really won’t matter – it’ll still be the very best day of your lives and you wouldn’t have it any other way! I promise you! Big hugs Apryl & Dan you rock my world!!! Xxxx

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