Wickwoods Country Club Wedding {Lauren & Ollie}

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They say it’s always a lot of pressure if you photograph another photographer’s wedding day. Well try this… photographing a wedding photographer’s DAUGHTER’s wedding day!!! Yes that means the pressure was really on!! I was so honoured that Lauren and Ollie chose me to capture their day (and that I got the nod of approval from Lauren’s very talented photographer dad Jeff), and I absolutely loved every minute of this beautiful Wickwoods Country Club wedding. And actually, there was no pressure at all as this lovely lot are the kindest and most welcoming people you could ever hope to spend a day with! And what a venue too – I always love how glamorous Wickwoods looks, it’s a proper elegant country club. The sun always seems to shine here too (despite thunder and lightening as lovely Lauren was getting ready). I love this wedding and love these photos too – huge big ups must go to (in no particular order) all the moustaches (Lauren is obsessed with moustaches!!), the most nervous Best Man I have ever seen, pink socks, all the tears in the ceremony, the wedding cake made entirely of Krispy Kreme donuts (!!!), the many many jager bombs, dancing to the amazing band Oomphf (my faves), and all the awesome guests who made me laugh all day with their antics!! Family is super important to both Lauren and Ollie, and you could just see what a strong bond they had on both sides – it was so heartwarming and made for lots of emotion!!! So a huge thank you to you all for being such superstars!!! Big hugs L&O! xxxxx

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