Cindy & James’ stylish teepee wedding at Sunninglye Farm

From the minute I met Cindy & James, I knew their wedding day was going to be something very special indeed. They only needed to mention the word ‘Teepee’ and I knew we were going to get some absolutely stunning photographs! And I am so pleased to share these with you today!

Cindy & James chose to hold their very own wedding weekend at the gorgeous and remote Sunninglye Farm in Kent – a beautiful site best known for it’s ‘glamping’ holidays. Sunninglye is somewhere very special to Cindy & James, and they agreed to let this beautiful couple hold the very first wedding there. I honestly was overwhelmed with the beauty and stylish detail of this wedding – Cindy and James had really created something special, and totally them. Guests were taken from the arrival field to the teepee by tractor, to a beautiful outside ceremony with hay bales and lampshades hanging from above. LOVED IT!

The wedding party continued into the teepee which was full of lovely personal details, and decorated in a really understatedly stylish way. Cindy is a girl with such style, she’s quite amazing. They surprised their guests with roast beef – getting a head carver from each table to wear a chef’s hat and do the honours. It was so brilliant!

And one of my highlights was bundling into the back of James’s truck, to go and photograph this gorgeous couple in the field of bluebells. Hanging on to Cindy for dear life was one of the funniest moments of the day, but the photos were totally worth it. And we even managed to include their cute puppy Lola who was have her own little glamping minibreak during the ceremony.

I just loved every minute of this special day – which is such proof that weddings don’t always have to follow what tradition has dictated, and you really can make it suit you. Well done Cindy & James for organising such an incredible wedding day, and for being the most beautiful couple ever!!! Mwah!! xxx

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Zoe Campbell

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful wedding, love it πŸ™‚ Stunning photography Sara, I almost feel like I was there – perfect πŸ™‚ xxx


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