Stanmer House Wedding {Tessa & Eddie}

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I have a very soft spot for these two gorgeous quirky kind people.  They really do love all their friends and family to bits, and they really really wanted to get married – they just weren’t quite sure how much they’d enjoy the actual wedding day.  Which I totally understand – it’s a hard thing to imagine, especially if you hate being the centre of attention.  What if you fall over walking down the aisle? What if you fluff your lines in the ceremony? Will you just want to hide under the table when it’s time for the speeches?  Why do we need to do a first dance?!!  These thoughts definitely crossed Eddie & Tessa’s minds, so they planned everything about their Stanmer House wedding to just be as relaxed as possible – with low fuss, minimum pomp and ceremony, and mainly lots and lots of fun.  And a fair few jagerbombs.  I loved this wedding, it suited my approach perfectly without anything stuffy or posey, just everyone properly enjoying themselves – my face was aching from laughing so much by the end of the day.

This was always going to be the best day of their lives, they just did the right thing and let it happen naturally.  Biggest hugs you gorgeous pair, here’s to many more years of laughter together xxx

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