Hotel du Vin Brighton wedding: Tula & Danny’s wintery big day!

Bride and Groom at Hotel du Vin Brighton wedding

I love pretty much EVERYTHING about this amazing wedding day.  I love Hotel du Vin Brighton (my top fave venue as its just so darn scrummy), I love that the sun shone (despite it being a freezing winter’s day), I love how happy and smiley all the guests are, but mostly I really love this fantastic couple Tula & Danny.   Like properly BFFs love them, I think they are fab.

I keep hearing this song on the radio with the line ” I fall in love just a little bit every day with someone new”, and do you know what –  I really do this.  (Quick note to hubby – it’s okay my friend, I still love you the most!) but seriously, every wedding or pre-wedding shoot that I do, every beautiful bride and groom that I meet, I really do fall in love with them a little bit.  I believe a good photographer has to fall in love with what they’re photographing, so that you really show emotion and feelings in your photographs, so that you are capturing something real.  And there is nothing more real and authentic than the love between this soppy pair.  They are absolutely smitten with each other, and that makes my job so easy and so much fun.

Tula is the hugest Kylie Minogue fan – and in the words of that fine warbling aussie sexpot… “And everything went from wrong to right, and the stars came out and filled up the sky, the music you were playing really blew my mind, it was love at first sight“.    Oooh I’m feeling the love!!  Big huge hugs and congratulations to you Tula & Danny – see you soon xxxx

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