Firle Place wedding – Tanya & Nick’s elegant 1920s wedding

Wow have I got an absolutely stunning wedding to share with you today! Tanya & Nick’s Firle Place wedding is crammed full of beautiful stylish details, all with a 1920s art deco feel to it. I met Tanya & Nick last year and instantly just knew their wedding was going to be something special – they’d chosen Firle to get married at – with the ceremony at St Peter’s Church and then on to Firle Place’s Riding School to carry on the celebrations. Firle is a very pretty and quirky little village which I’ve previously photographed at and loved every minute – so I was super excited! Tanya & Nick met as a result of successful blind date – yay for the people who set them up as they are a match made in heaven – and Tanya is a very creative girl who designed all the wedding stationary with a peacock motif (which ran through the whole day) And look at Tanya’s amazing dress – a stunning find from Hope & Harlequin, which Tanya customised with her great grandmothers vintage veil which she wore draped over the front – I’ve never seen a veil worn like this before and it was just perfect! Clever bride!!!! Entertainment was provided by the Still Moving DJs – oh my goodness if you are after something a bit different for your wedding you really must book these guys – their set was full of gramophones and records (and the odd bicycle and plastic dinosaur) and they played SUCH amazing music throughout the day. By the evening everyone was up and dancing. But I could go on and on about this gorgeous wedding – instead I’ll let the photos speak for themselves! Massive congratulations T&N you glamourous gorgeousnesses!!! xx

  • brighton-wedding-photographer040
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  • brighton-wedding-photographer006
  • brighton-wedding-photographer007
  • brighton-wedding-photographer008
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  • brighton-wedding-photographer010
  • brighton-wedding-photographer011
  • brighton-wedding-photographer012
  • brighton-wedding-photographer013
  • brighton-wedding-photographer014
  • brighton-wedding-photographer015
  • brighton-wedding-photographer016
  • brighton-wedding-photographer017
  • brighton-wedding-photographer018
  • brighton-wedding-photographer019
  • brighton-wedding-photographer020
  • brighton-wedding-photographer021
  • brighton-wedding-photographer022
  • brighton-wedding-photographer023
  • brighton-wedding-photographer024
  • brighton-wedding-photographer025
  • brighton-wedding-photographer026
  • brighton-wedding-photographer027
  • brighton-wedding-photographer028
  • brighton-wedding-photographer029
  • brighton-wedding-photographer030
  • brighton-wedding-photographer031
  • brighton-wedding-photographer032
  • brighton-wedding-photographer033
  • brighton-wedding-photographer034
  • brighton-wedding-photographer035
  • brighton-wedding-photographer036
  • brighton-wedding-photographer037
  • brighton-wedding-photographer038
  • brighton-wedding-photographer039
  • brighton-wedding-photographer001
  • brighton-wedding-photographer041
  • brighton-wedding-photographer042
  • brighton-wedding-photographer043
  • brighton-wedding-photographer044
  • brighton-wedding-photographer045
  • brighton-wedding-photographer046
  • brighton-wedding-photographer047
  • brighton-wedding-photographer048
  • brighton-wedding-photographer049
  • brighton-wedding-photographer050
  • brighton-wedding-photographer051
  • brighton-wedding-photographer052
  • brighton-wedding-photographer053
  • brighton-wedding-photographer054
  • brighton-wedding-photographer055
  • brighton-wedding-photographer056
  • brighton-wedding-photographer057
  • brighton-wedding-photographer058
  • brighton-wedding-photographer059
  • brighton-wedding-photographer060
  • brighton-wedding-photographer061
  • brighton-wedding-photographer062
  • brighton-wedding-photographer063
  • brighton-wedding-photographer064
  • brighton-wedding-photographer065
  • brighton-wedding-photographer066
  • brighton-wedding-photographer067
  • brighton-wedding-photographer068
  • brighton-wedding-photographer069
  • brighton-wedding-photographer070
  • brighton-wedding-photographer071
  • brighton-wedding-photographer072
  • brighton-wedding-photographer073
  • brighton-wedding-photographer074
  • brighton-wedding-photographer075
  • brighton-wedding-photographer076
  • brighton-wedding-photographer077
  • brighton-wedding-photographer078

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What a beautiful dress and setting! A lot of care and attention was put into every detail, well done. Love, love, love 🙂 xx


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