Connie & Andy’s fabulous engagement shoot at Swanbourne Lake

Here’s some photographs I’ve really been looking forward to sharing. It’s not often a bride asks you “Shall we bring our roller skates?” but then Connie and Andy are not the average bride and groom! This lovely couple suggested Swanbourne Lake as a good location – it’s the first time I’d been there, and I loved it… it’s a beautiful big boating lake with hundreds of ducks and trees. A perfect spot for an engagement shoot!

I am the wedding photographer for Connie & Andy’s big day in October this year – they fancied a pre-wedding photoshoot to get used to being photographed, and have some images to use for wedding invitations. I love these guys so much – they came armed with so many cool things: sparkley shoes, books, a bright purple ukelele (!) and of course the rollerskates. They are just the most creative brilliant couple, and we had such a giggle. And then right at the end, Andy revealed it was actually his birthday. So Happy Birthday Andy, and here’s to your lovely sparkley crazy wedding at the end of the year!

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