Cindy & James’ woodland engagement shoot with Lola dog

I love a good walk in the woods, and you can’t beat Friston Forest for exactly that! Cindy and James have a very lively beautiful labrador puppy called Lola, who needed to burn some energy so we all took a brisk walk in the woods just before sunset. Stopping on the way round for some rather lovely photographs of course, and some stick chasing and a quick swim in the muddy pond (Lola only, no way were Cindy & James getting in!)

Cindy and James are a super cool couple – their wedding later this year is set to be one of the most unusual, chilled out and creative weddings I’ve ever had the priviledge to photograph (…it’s a 3 day festival with teepees! Teepees!!!!). Excited is not the word! They both look so fantastic in these photographs, the mind boogles just how amazing it’s all going to look. And Lola dog gets to come to the wedding too. Cute!

Ooh and a quick mention and big respect to Cindy for getting all giddy with excitement and rolling down the big green hill. Neither James or Lola knew quite what to make of it, and they just all ended up in a big bundle. Funny bunch, just love ’em! xx

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I googled Woodland Engagement shoot for some inspiration for my shoot tomorrow (that happens to be with a couple and their dog!) and look what happened to be at the top of google! x Lovely shoot. I’m pinning you!


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