Broyle Place Wedding and a Magical Field of Wonderment

I am so pleased to share these images with you – Valerie and Ian’s wedding was one of my highlights of the summer! It was just the most creative unusual wedding, Valerie is an artist and had put so many thoughtful DIY details into her wedding day that it was real treat to photograph. Valerie and Ian had their wedding ceremony at the stunning Broyle Place, a beautiful and very low-key country house set in the grounds of stunning gardens. The bride and groom had said to me how much they liked trees and being outside, and this was an important thing to include in their wedding photographs – cue lots of me climbling round tree trunks and getting wrapped up in willow branches to get the shots I wanted. Extreme wedding photography!!!

After the ceremony, the whole wedding party hit the road and headed to Valerie and Ian’s Magical Field of Wonderment. Yes really. How totally cool is that! This beautiful field belonged to a friend of Val’s father, room enough for a beautiful marquee and hay bales. And if that wasn’t enough, the couple had their very own Magic Lantern show for their guests – if you’ve not heard of it, it’s like the first type of cinema, powered by oil and telling stores using slides. Although I was only with the couple for 4 hours, we made sure we incorporated it into their wedding photographs by projecting slides from A Froggy Goes A-Wooing onto the Bride and Groom. Magical, quirky and creative – the day just summed up the gorgeous Valerie and Ian perfectly!

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