Brighton engagement shoot – a blustery walk with Laura & Alex

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I often get told by a lot of my clients that they’re nervous of the idea of being photographed on their actual wedding day.  And I always say to people – do not worry at all!  I promise, on your wedding day there will be so much going on that the last thing you’ll be thinking about is being photographed.  And time & time again I see it happen – once the day really starts, and once you start to see all your loved ones in one room together – the last thing you worry about will be little old me hiding with my camera.  Your wedding day is not a photoshoot, and it isn’t about posing for hours – your wedding day is about making a lifelong promise to the love of your life, and then having a proper knees up with all your friends and family.  It’s my job to capture all of that for you – not your job to pose all day :).

Sometimes people want a little practise run of being in front of the camera, and for them – an engagement shoot is a perfect opportunity to get some awesome photos in the process!  These shoots really show people that ‘posing for the camera’ is really just as easy as having a walk about talking  to each other, with the odd cuddle here and there.  Simples.  So here may I present to you the gorgeous Laura & Alex and their lovely Brighton engagement shoot – both initially nervous of being photographed, and by the end of the shoot both looking like supermodels.  I love these two to bits, they are scrummy in every way and I can’t wait for their big day next month at Birling Manor! Where they will have no photography nerves at all cos they know how easy it is!  Yeah!!!

If you’re looking for a Birling Manor wedding photographer or a Brighton engagement shoot please do get in touch!

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