Verity & Anthony’s Brighton College Wedding

Aaaaah how the winds blew and the rain fell on this very special wedding day in March! Typically this day of rain was surrounded by 2 weeks of gorgeous sunshine… you’ve got to love the crazy weather in this country! Definately as a wedding photographer you learn to prepare for all options, and you must know your kit so that you can create beautiful photographs come what may. So, it was armed with brollies and a camera bag stuffed full of lenses and lighting options that I headed off to Verity and Anthony’s wedding day last month.

And do you know what – the rain didn’t make any difference at all! If anything, I think it added to the atmosphere and romance of the day. Verity and Anthony had put a lot of thought into every detail of their beautiful wedding, from the very personal ceremony to all the handmade details and decorations at the stunning Brighton College. It was elegant, classy, romantic, whimsical and so very thoughtful – a true reflection of Verity and Anthony themselves. And that really is what makes every wedding so unique – and is why I love photographing each and every one of them! Congratulations Verity and Anthony, what a beautiful couple you are!


Heather Foster

Wow! These pictures are sooooooooooooooo lovely! Anthony and Verity look so beautiful and so very happy. You have captured a magical day and all the special details perfectly xx


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