Brighton Beach engagement shoot {Ashley & Tom}

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So….. Anyone who knows me knows that I do love dogs, so it was a happy day indeed when my lovely couple Ashley & Tom asked if it might be possible to bring their gorgeous pups Ernest and Fred along for their pre-wedding shoot on Brighton beach. Abso-blooming-lutely was my reply!!!! Dogs aren’t usually invited to weddings (which is a shame really as – if they’re anything like my crazy dog, she loves to get dressed up and will do anything for a bit of cake), so that’s why it’s really lovely to do a special photoshoot to include our four legged friends! I completely adore Ashley & Tom – and what’s that they say about dogs being like their owners? Well, all of these four had such gorgeous happy faces, were totally up for anything and were complete supermodels!!! And actually, my earlier description of my dog at weddings is pretty much the same for me – hmmm perhaps there is some truth in that! And can you imagine how excited I was when we found that wall of DOG GRAFFITI!!! Only in Brighton, I so love this crazy town!!! Enjoy these photos and keep your eyes peeled as Ashley & Tom’s gorgeous Wiston House wedding will be blogged very soon! xxx

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