A wonderful time down at Photography Farm…

Last week, I spent a glorious few days down at the Farm. Armed with wellies, a suitcase full of clothes, and another case full of camera kit, I joined 8 other super-talented photographers to take part in the first ever Photography Farm – a really exciting new workshop run by UK Wedding Photographer of the year Lisa Devlin. Lisa is the most incredible photographer, and has set up camp at Photography Farm to share her knowledge, experience and general photographic grooviness with other photographers.

And do you know what, it was AMAZING! A really mindblowing opportunity to revel in creativity and inspiration for three days. The Farm itself used to host rockstars, and is the most gorgeous place. But it was really Lisa and the team behind Photography Farm that brought a little bit of magic…. Jayne and Hannah had styled so many out-of-this world set ups for us to shoot. And we had a beautiful couple in to photograph their engagement session, and also a rather special guest model in the form of Kat Williams aka Rock’n’Roll Bride. Eeek!

Particular highlights from our adventures include: the magic light photographing Kat; Holly playing catch the chicken; us all pimping our hair with pink hair extensions; Rob’s extra welcome present in his room; the goodie bags stuffed really full of cool things; the last day’s big fry up (mmmm); soggy feet from tramping through dewy fields; Ed’s Rock’n’Roll pink cocktails. Seriously, I loved every minute of it and if you are a photographer I cannot recommend it highly enough as a way to kickstart your creativity and make a brand new group of brilliant friends.

Thank you Lisa, Kat and the Photography Farm team. You really have created something special for us photographers to enjoy.

Credits (yes all these amazing people deserve lots of hugs and kisses!)

Photography: Lisa Devlin
Guest Speaker / Superstar model: Kat Williams: Rock n Roll Bride
Video: FX Films
Event Co-ordinator: Jayne Sacco
Styling, Flowers & Cakes: The Tea Set
Wedding Dress: Candy Anthony
Make up and hair: Elbie van Eeden
Shoes: Irregular Choice
Caravan: Hazy Days Caravan Hire
Paper pompoms: Paperpoms
Pompom making and general grooviness: Ruby Roux

Location: Photography Farm

And big up to my fellow farmers: Holly, Lee, Kathryn, Eve, Zoe & Denise – you are an amazingly talented bunch, and it was a real honour to meet you all xxxxxx


Sara Reeve

Aw thanks darlink – was really great to meet you too! Need to start planning a meet up soon 🙂 xxxxx

Sara Reeve

Thank you love – was such a great time wasn’t it – and the sun hasn’t stopped shining since! Think we owe the photography fairies!! xxx


I bloody love you…and your photo’s. We’re just all supercool photographers, so glad i met you all, it was pretty fantastic! x x

Sara Reeve

It really was, wasn’t it! Deffo have to do it again – I’m saving already!! xxx


Hi there,
Lovely photos of course. Was great to meet you… you should come again, surely you should do the kids one coming up??? Ah, go on. Sell a child. X

Sara Reeve

You made the Photography Farm so beautiful Hannah, clever ladle. And yes, I totally want to come to the kids one, but I reckon I’m going to save up for the boudoir one for something different – yeah!! xxxx

Elizabeth Ruby

Sara!!! How the bobbins are you? I’ve been sucked into an academic hole and am trying to claw my way out. Loving your pics, loving the vocab still and missing the Farm. Now I’m in Brighton far too much, would be lovely to catch up for a coffee if you’re ever that way xxxxxx

Sara Reeve

Thank you lovely girl. Lets deffo do coffee soon – will email you 🙂 xxxx

Sara Reeve

Thank you! You were our amazing RocknRoll Dorothy, thank you so much for being our model and blogging guru!! xxxx

Lisa Devlin

Awwhhhh! Thanks Sara, such kind words. I am so glad you got so much out of this experience. I totally loved it all and you were all great farmers. These are great images and I love the black & whites. x

Sara Reeve

Lisa, you are an inspiration and Photography Farm is such a brilliant place. I’ll be back!! (Not said in an Arnie-style!!)

Sara Reeve

Thank you Sonia – it really was fab – they have another one on this week and I soooo want to go and do it all again!!! xxxx

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