A very cool engagement shoot on a very hot autumn day!

You would never know looking at these photographs that the engagement shoot took place in October! What weird but really beautiful weather we are having! Now, I do like a misty cloudy day, but if the sun’s shining I’m definately not complaining. Loved loved loved this recent shoot with the beautiful Camilla and Neil, who are getting married in January 2012. Camilla is a very chic Brighton lass, daughter of an architect with a love of modern elegant lines, and Neil is a very down-to-earth archeologist (see what I did there!), from Liverpool. So we themed the shoot with a few touches of both Brighton and Liverpool – I loved that Neil turned up with a Beatles tshirt saying HELP! on it! The cheeky monkey! We had such a laugh doing this shoot, and I really cannot WAIT for their wedding day next year.

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