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Pangdean Barn Wedding {Hannah & Chris}

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What do you get if you cross a quirky beautiful land-dwelling mermaid with a super-cool keyboard-mad Mod?  A haaa I have the answer for you – you get…. Hannah & Chris and their AMAZING wedding at Pangdean Barn! Aaaaah these two!  They are a photographer’s dream because they are just so cool and creative, and have the sort of effortless style you just wish you could have!  Hannah is an actual mermaid (fact!) and as well as being super creative and arty, she also runs the annual March of the Mermaids every year on Brighton Beach to raise awareness and… Read more

Birling Manor Wedding – a rock n roll wedding for Chloe & Adam

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Oooh I’ve been looking forward to sharing this fantastic big day with you. Here is the amazement that is Chloe and Adam’s very rock n roll Birling Manor Wedding day! Back in autumn last year, this quirky couple had the best wedding ever, and here’s a long list of all the awesomeness that I had the pleasure of encountering… There was a lot of orange, tattoos, smiling, sweets & icecream (thanks to the girls at Vintage Scoops), flamingos, dancing, silliness, bromances and many comedy moustaches. There were some awesome wedding shoes(personalised Orange adidas!), comic book pinwheels for buttonholes, a rather… Read more