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It’s like rain on your wedding day – Nadine & James’ soggy e-shoot

One question I do get asked a lot when I meet new brides & grooms is… what happens if it rains on our wedding day? Well, I’ll let you into a little secret – I actually love the rain, it can add a real romance to the feel of the photos, and there’s nothing cuter than a bride in wellies cuddling her new hubby under an umbrella (see here is you don’t believe me!) But on every wedding day, we play it a bit by ear, and my priority is that my couple are comfortable, happy and feeling good –… Read more

The Grand Hotel Brighton wedding – a seasidey day for Laura & Mark

It’s a well known fact that as time passes, it can get quite tricky to remember the exact date of your wedding (I know, it seems ridiculous, but it’s my 10th wedding anniversary this month and I still have to check the engraving on our wedding rings every now and then!). So this gorgeous couple Laura and Mark have made it easy for themselves – well Mark especially – as they chose to get married on Mark’s 30th birthday!! What a cool way to celebrate your big day (and what a great way to remember your anniversary – clever man!!!)…. Read more