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My 2014 in Weddings part 3 – my fave moments from the year

I’ve absolutely loved 2014 – I’ve shot 40 weddings in total, and worked with the best people I could’ve hoped to meet. I have also been working super hard to get better and better and better at what I do – early this year, I travelled to Amsterdam to attend a workshop with kickass wedding photojournalist Tyler Wirken. Tyler set me on a path in 2014 that has made me look harder, get closer, wait more and look deeper for the story which truly represents a wedding day. And so here are some of my favourite moments from my weddings… Read more

My 2014 in Weddings part 2 – Brighton wedding rings

Well, it’s that time of year that I wonder if a few of you’ve had a surprise sparkly engagement ring under your Christmas tree? Huge congratulations if you are newly engaged – how super romantic and super exciting!! I love a diamond (and a sapphire, and an emerald and etc etc), and during 2014, one of the little projects I set myself at weddings was to find a way to photograph the wedding rings in a way that meant something to the couple. Or just made them chuckle! But basically something a little bit more creative than the usual. Weddings… Read more

My 2014 in Weddings part 1- My Beautiful Brides & Grooms

Well, it’s that time of year again when my cameras are having a little breather, my desk starts to look (slightly) more tidy – and I can have a good look back at all the BEAUTIFUL weddings I shot this year. 2014 has definitely been one of my favourites, and as I look through these gorgeous special weddings I feel so many emotions. This year I have experienced so many amazing moments with the most interesting, funny, intelligent, kind and thoughtful people – I’ve been driven round in golf buggies, cadillacs and campervans, I’ve worked in barns, vineyards, hotels and… Read more